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A Welcome Home Retreat

for African American Daughters & Sons

That's any African American who seeks belonging and connection with self.

Experience 'Utu' - Kiswahili for Ubuntu.  An expression of humanity, dignity, support, and learning that will stir you towards the continuous transformation of your mind, body, and spirit, while surrounded by sisters who want you to win.

Nairobi | Kenya 

A promise from my heart to yours...



400 years ago, you were taken away from us...

We had no idea how to come out to find you. 

We were disconnected physically and spiritually, 

Yet, we were always meant to be connected. 

Simply because you are family. 

I want you to know, that in spirit we never forgot you.  
We always knew that at the right time we would find each other.  
And that time is now... It's time for you to come home to Africa.  

To come home to yourself.  To reconnect.

So that you can begin to live fully.  To connect with yourself...  
To begin to live the life that you have always dreamed of...
This land remembers you and we cannot wait to welcome you home!

❤️ Your African Sister

The Journey

Do you long to belong?  Wonder why it seems hard to fully own your space, to feel completely at
home wherever you go? Is your inner voice spurring you to go beyond your limitations, so that
the bright light of your soul radiates? Are you yearning for spirit, mind and body alignment? 

Believe it or not, there is a way back home to you.

Join us for this once in a lifetime retreat to Kenya, East Africa, to renew your spirit, discover
the truth of your mind, rejuvenate your tired body, and exchange exhaustion for inner peace.

Guided by African teachers of wellbeing, Jean Adero, and friends, you will remember your spirit, uncover tools that will help you to shift your perspective as you embrace your spiritual awakening and emotional wellbeing.

The Experience

What's in store for me on my African journey?

  • 6-night retreat stay

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks

  • Stillness and movement sessions

  • Immersive culturally relevant mind, body, spirit sessions

  • The I AM Africa Experience

  • Activities

  • Share Your Life - Serve Africa

  • Welcome Home Fam

  • Let's Cook! Let's Eat

  • Our Hair Stories

  • Our Song & Dance Connection

  • Language Matters

  • Names, Naming & Nurturing

  • Style & Fashion

  • Around Nairobi

  • Kwaheri ya Kuonana - See you later

Love yourself! Get updates on Covid-19 here

Andrika Symbols I AM Africa_edited.png


Immerse yourself in the richness of Kenya.  Its food, song and dance, language and naming, hair, style, and fashion; and the richness of spiritual, cultural experiences that connect you with your African mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters,, who will delight in the relaxation, refreshing, and renewal of your soul (and their own).  Explore local living, while honoring the dignity of the communities.

Andrika Symbols I AM Africa_edited.png


Experience love, emotional safety, and soul bonding through collective mindfulness with harmonious friends.  Enjoy soul-stirring, guided and open conversations to remind you that your voice matters, as you begin to reclaim every space that you occupy.

Andrika Symbols I AM Africa_edited.png


Restore from the inside-out. Experience daily stillness and movement for your spiritual journey around Kenya's beauty, flora, and fauna. Focus your mind on the life that inspires you and go beyond the physical to love your body for both its form and function. Allow lessons in breathwork, self-care and letting go, your divine feminine/masculine, self-nourishing, and acceptance of who you always were.

The Location

Kenya offers a wide array of retreat location options.  We have selected only 2, because know that your entry into Africa deserves delicate care.  Our Nairobi location provides you with a home away from home. Serene, yet familiar, and with access to city amenities, should you need them. 


Our beach location is set along the Indian Ocean, and offers a beautiful white sandy beach. Inspired by the architecture of Kenya’s coastal culture, the beach resort, the spa transports you to a space of pure relaxation where you can breathe it all in! 


Unwind in Africa’s peaceful settings, with nurturing rooms and suites, nourishing dining, serene spa experiences, and inspiring daily activities customized to suit you. Indulge yourself in tranquility and relaxation and let your spirit, mind, and body experiences fuel you.

**NOTE: Details of the retreat experiences vary based on season and available experiences.  For more information on the current retreat, please click here.

It's Your Time...

“Until you dig a hole, you plant a tree,

you water it and make it survive,

you haven’t done a thing.

You are just talking…"

~ Professor Wangari Maathai

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