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A Mental Spa Weekend

for Africa's Daughters

That's any woman of African descent or friend of Africa whose heart belongs to Africa.

Experience 'Utu' - an expression of humanity, dignity, support, and learning that will stir you towards the continuous transformation of your mind, body, and spirit, while surrounded by women who want you to win.

Atlanta | Nairobi

Africa! You Were Born Rich


Your true essence is empowered, confident, abundant, and resilient, yet as a leader, businesswoman, people manager, employee, mother, sister or friend you are sometimes disengaged from at least one key segment of your life. You forget who you are.


I wish you always knew that you are Africa's precious diamond, waiting to be mined and admired. Africa's daughter - full of life, potential, drive, and inspiration. Able to change the trajectory of your home, work, business, community, country, and continent.  It is time for you to align your spirit, mind, body, family, work, money and of course - fun.


Yes... Complete alignment is possible.


And at the I AM Africa Experience, our expert coaches will collaborate with you to make the emotional commitment to your key life areas so that you can release the cultural shackles and inner resistance that prevents you from living the life of your dreams.


It is time for you to stop dancing with average.  Rise up Africa's daughter - you've got this!

What a Life-Changing Experience!

Testimonial 1

When my sister invited me to attend the I AM Africa Experience, I had no idea that every area of my life would be shifted. I am now intentional about my spirit, mind, body and the connection to my relationships, my work, and my money.  What a wonderful weekend.  

Lucy Mbaaria-Njau

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